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Daytrip Sjoa

For adrenaline junkies

Varighet: 5 timer

Aldersgrense: 15+

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Our hydrospeed/riverboarding excursions are run on different parts of Sjoa, depending on the water levels. Before braving the rapids, our guides will provide a thorough briefing on technique and what to expect in the water. The guides will come with you, but you will be in control of your own board while you surf waves and go down the rapids. Back at basecamp, guests enjoy a hot shower and change of clothes before tea, coffee and warm lunch is served.

Meeting time 10.00



Family friendly riverboard

Varighet: 3,5 time

Aldersgrense: 10+

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For parents and children looking for an extra challenge and a natural next step from family rafting, we offer family-friendly riverboarding too. These excursions typically take place on the Lågen river, where guests get to try a tough activity in a controlled environment. You will have the opportunity to surf waves and head down rapids under the watchful supervision of our guides, with the approach adjusted to accommodate the ages and skills of the participants.

Meeting time 11.00

Challenging adventure on the river

Hydrospeed, also known as riverboarding or white-water sledging, is a thrilling water sport where individuals navigate through rough river currents using a specially designed board. Participants wear a buoyant board that resembles a bodyboard or a large foam float, along with a wetsuit, fins for propulsion, and a personal flotation device for safety.

Lying stomach-down on the board, participants use their arms and legs to steer and navigate through the river’s currents. Hydrospeeding is typically done on white-water rivers with varying degrees of difficulty, offering an exhilarating and close-to-the-water experience. It combines the excitement of white-water rafting with the individual control of a bodyboard, providing an immersive and challenging adventure on the river.


Your safety is important to us! For that reason we have good safety routines, well qualified guides and top equipment.


Wool or thermal underwear to wear underneath the wetsuit on cool days. Wool socks.

Great activities, great food, great accommodation. Quality customer service and safe on the river.

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